Trinity is committed
to providing secure
& reliable natural
gas storage services to the growing
Texas intrastate
gas market.

The best gas storage in Texas — period.

Trinity Gas Storage will be a high deliverability, multi-cycle, natural gas storage facility located in Anderson County, Texas — approximately 100 miles southeast of Dallas and 150 miles north of Houston.


Sage Creek Energy Partners, LLC is this project's construction manager. United Energy Trading, LLC will provide marketing and optimization services.

Phase 1 of the multiphase project will develop 21 Billion Cubic Feet ("Bcf") of working gas capacity. Phase 1 commercial operations are anticipated to commence in April 2019 and offer high deliverability (407 MMcf/d) two cycle storage service. During this phase there will be interconnects with seven pipelines which include Enbridge, Enterprise, Energy Transfer and Atmos.

Trinity is located in an area of both growing gas production and increasing seasonal gas consumption and will thus cater to the growing gas storage need driven by increasing physical demand. The project will be an intrastate gas storage facility; therefore, the Texas Railroad Commission and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality have the primary regulatory jurisdiction over the project.