Trinity is owned and managed by three energy professionals with significant gas storage experience.

Trinity has joined forces with United Energy Trading, LLC (UET) to facilitate marketing and optimization.

Jim Goetz, Vernon Williams and Larry Noble collectively designed, developed and operated the Caledonia gas storage facility in Caledonia, Mississippi. Following the divestiture of Caledonia, Jim and Vernon spent 2 years as CEO and COO respectively, at Falcon Gas Storage, a Texas intrastate natural gas storage company.

Successful storage requires expertise in surface facilities design, engineering, drilling and completions along with commercial operations. Sage Creek Energy Partners brings these development and operational talents to Trinity. Complimenting the development expertise is a fully integrated energy marketing and logistics company in United Energy Trading, LLC (UET). Founded in 2002, UET provides creative solutions for energy logistics, marketing and optimization.

Development and Operations

Jim Goetz Managing Director & Co-founder  |  972-539-5740
Larry Noble Managing Director & Co-founder  |  972-249-5858
Vernon Williams Managing Director & Co-founder  |  214-717-3883

Marketing and Optimization

Matt Hurley United Energy Trading, LLC, Executive VP  |  281-655-8989