About TGS


We are an experienced team with over 100 combined years of energy and gas storage experience.

High Deliverability

TGS has the finest gas storage reservoirs in the entire state of Texas. We are developing 24 Bcf initial working gas capacity with a standard 2 – turn storage service. We will provide reliable services to meet load following and hourly balancing needs along with 3 and 4 turn service.


Partnered with some of the most capable investors, Trinity is well capitalized to develop a BEST-IN-CLASS storage facility.

Boosting Energy Infrastructure

Trinity is a high deliverability, multi-cycle storage service designed to meet the demanding needs of the Texas energy markets.

Customizable Services

Trinity can customize services for the power generation, pipeline, utility, LNG and Energy Marketing and Trading customers. And Trinity only sells what it can deliver – period.

Well Connected

Trinity will be well connected to ATMOS, ENTERPRISE, MOMENTUM AND COMSTOCK RESOURCES. In fact, Trinity Gas Storage will be the most well connected intrastate natural gas storage facility in Texas.